Friday, August 15, 2008

portrait gallery

I just scanned a bunch of portraits.

This is a sketch of faculty member Corrine Mattuck, probably in 1984.

I used caran d'ache crayons a lot in school - still love them. This is of a guy named Jon who was only around for a semester or two. All I can remember about him is he liked to drive his little red sports car really fast.

Minimalism was a happy result of hours and hours of gesture drawing during life drawing classes. This is of a fellow student, Karen Andress, who was taking her turn upon the occasional neccesity of standing in for a no-show model. 

I love the kinetic energy in this one. Gina, 1985

I wasn't even 18 yet! Ah, if I could go back and give myself a hug I would. Self portrait Nov. 20, 1983.

Lee Henry. So pretty.

I'll post more soon. This is fun.

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