Sunday, September 28, 2008

almost last day of "Mild to Extra-Spicy"

Here's my first portrait of the day - Tara.

And a group portrait of my hosts at Fort Can Gallery/May Day Studio. (They are much less cartoon-y in person.) From left to right: Brian Zeigler, Tara Jensen and Kelly McMahon.

This is a portrait of Linda, Brian's wife. We both liked the way it came out. It almost looks like her. Pretty close.

Last but not least, Megan. It was a great day. There were a couple people who couldn't make it, but a bunch of people came to the reception who I hadn't expected, and then some friends who came by took me out for dinner afterwards. May Day Studio also had a good day, meeting new people and making plans for the future. Curtis Savard took some excellent photographs of the event which I'm looking forward to posting soon.

More about my future plans for art making, soon.

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