Saturday, January 3, 2009

bakery fun

I took this picture at the bakery the day before Christmas. At the mixer is Randy, bakery co-owner (and husband) with Liza, who is just outside the picture frame on the right, and his two children, Solveig (pronounced soul-vey) who is standing on the palette of flour and Maia, standing next to her Dad at the mixer. It's a blurry picture, which is partly a drag and partly great, as it shows the motion of the moment, basically what I was trying to capture. The girls were squealing with pleasure over having the the formery all to themselves (the formers and bakers all had a rare day off of production). I loved their squealing happiness. It made my day. Oh yeah, and getting a shot of that great big taffy pulling loop of dough, so awesome and so everyday.

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