Thursday, October 8, 2009

help is on the way

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with wanting things to happen that are clearly not going to happen. Today is one of those days. Earlier in the week I had it all planned out. I would meet with the author of the book I'm illustrating and go over the possibilities of the combination of words and images, and be able to move on to the next step in the process of illustrating this children's book I'm working on.

But last night I got an apologetic message from the author saying that they couldn't meet with me today and in fact wouldn't be able to for at least another ten days. It's a relatively large amount of time in a very small deadline window. Plus, this is my first illustration job and I am feeling my way along. Until now I've been in frequent contact with the author, so although the timing of the gap in contact is not surprising given their schedule, it is unfortunate. I wish something else was happening but this is indeed the situation and I've been trying unsuccessfully to either contact the author so I can officially put the project on hold until we re-establish contact or at least resolve it within myself so I can bloody well think about something else.

I'm fairly certain that a few hours from now I will have either resolved it (from the interior or the exterior remains to be seen) or some other more constructive item will come along to distract me from myself. In other words, help is on the way. Please, make it soon.

Edited Friday: The author called, permission to put the project on hold was granted, a good night's sleep was had.

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