Saturday, January 5, 2008


Today is payday, which is helpful, because it's also chore-day. I put the rent in the mail, went to the once-a-month winter farmer's market (bought maple syrup, potatoes, pork ribs and some prepared chicken and rice), did the laundry, dropped off the dvd I saw last night (Ratatoille) at the local video/dvd place savoy theater/downstairs video dropped off some used 5 gallon buckets (that used to hold canola oil, from work) to someone who needs them for their sugar bush (maple sugaring business), went back to the farmer's market to drop off some extra small socks to Laini Fondiller (a woman with extra small feet) who runs Lazy Lady Farm where she makes excellent goat and cow's milk cheeses as well as raises them for meat, and also weaves and sells beautifully hand-dyed handspun wool (she named one of her goats after me, too!). I then got the car washed (and discovered rust in the wheel wells, dagnamit) and then finished up my chores by filling the tank with gas (at $3.06/gallon).

This is a drawing I did in May 2005, of the jar Laini uses to display her feta cheese at the farmer's market. It case you can't read it, it says "We Make Better Fet'r". I would have bought some of her feta today (it IS the best) but she doesn't make it in the winter.

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