Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goodbye Miche! Have a nice winter!

Literally and figuratively, it's the last of the miche. I've got a sandwich worth left in my kitchen, then, that's it. At least for the winter. I had a baker drop off a loaf for me last Friday night. Actually, it was Saturday morning. 2am, to be precise. (That's when the baker got back into town from baking...he was only doing what I asked him to do...) I realized way too late that I'd have to get up and retrieve my bread from the porch if I didn't want it to freeze. So I woke myself up to do that and couldn't get back to sleep. That's when I understood that it was either me, or the miche. Today I withdrew my employee standing order. But it wasn't strictly necessary to do that. Miche is only baked two days each week, and usually between those two days it's rare that more than 45 loaves are baked. So it's not likely that "my" loaf is going to go to waste.

Not that it would "go to waste" if no one bought the last loaf, because the bakery donates day-old bread to farmers in the area for animal feed. Plus, any little scraps of bread we employees don't eat on our break goes into the compost. Oh, and the compost is so awesome! Bread, dough, left over flour, food scraps, coffee grounds and even unbleached brown paper towels all go into the compost. We filled four 50 gallon compost bins in the past two weeks. The Central Vermont Solid Waste District picks it up and takes it over to the Vermont Compost Company, et voila, 200 less gallons of garbage in the landfills every two weeks. It's a beautiful thing.

"Say goodbye to the nice bread now, dear."

"Bye-bye miche! Bye-bye!"

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