Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's my birthday

Greetings fellow Aquarians (if you're not an aquarian that's aquarian-code for "hi everybody!").

I don't have any plans for the day, although I'm going to work and they may have something cooked up for me there. Last night there was a party for my boss, who shares birthdays with me, although she's 2 years younger. It was a "last day of her 30's party". It was a very well attended party with lots of great pot-luck food and at least 12 children under 6 years old running around and around and around. The party was in the almost ready cafe space at the bakery I work at. The tile is halfway laid down on the floor and the plumbing has yet to be installed in the bathrooms, but essentially all the pieces are in place, and with the party it's been warmed up for the customer deluge.

Saturday afternoon I spent with my friend Gina to celebrate my birthday. We went to a new grocery/deli in Montpelier called The Uncommon Market for lunch. First, it's cleaner than I've ever seen the store in all it's itirations over the past 20+ years I've lived here. Second, they have fresh produce as well as all sorts of dry goods and canned goods in the grocery section. And they make things like turkey tetrazini and portabello mushroom soup in the deli. And the service is friendly, warm and thoughtful. What's not to like? Nothing, that I can think of, and they offer fresh seafood 4 days a week, and take special orders, too. Awesome! It's also nice to have a small market downtown, for those who don't want to shop at the Coop. I'm charmed and I will be back.

I also went to Restuarant Pheobe with my friend Jane Friday before last, also to celebrate my birthday. You begin to understand why I'm sanguine about doing anything today?

In case you didn't know today is also Jackson Pollock's birhday (1912) and Claes Oldenburg (1929). Happy birthday fellow artists!

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