Tuesday, January 1, 2008

white, many shades of gray, blue & purple (a snow storm)

I've been trying to find statistics on how much it snowed in December, but lacking factual information I'll fall back on the anecdotal: WAY TOO MUCH!

I know it's beautiful, I know. But I'm overwhelmed. Then again by tomorrow night it's supposed to get below zero, and by then it'll probably stop snowing. So, which is it gonna be, snow or cold? Cold or snow?

January 1, 2008. Welcome to winter, folks.

EDITED 1/3/08: It snowed 47.2 inches in December. WAY TOO MUCH, INDEED!

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lyd said...

wow, thanks for the yummy glimpse into eva's world! i really like your miche musings. and your art. especially the beautiful birds that were greeting cards. those are gorgeous. happy snow, lydia